If your are considering to approach me as a potential investor, I would kindly ask you to read the following investment criteria that I follow.

Currently I have invested in eight different startups and I am continuously working to expand my portfolio through further investments and exits.

I have five general criteria:

1. Market potential: Are you capable of addressing the potential that your idea contain and explain how you are going to execute on it, in ten minutes or on a single A4 page?

2. The team: There needs to be at least two Co-founders in the team, preferably more, and at least two of these have to be working full time.

3. Stage: Business plan, three year budget and preferably Proof of Technology/Concept and if possible Proof of Business. Moreover I strongly prefer taking part in the earliest round of raising capital.

4. Market position: X number of costumers and further dialogue with other solid potentiel clients/consumers

5. Patent: If IP is possible, I prefer that the application has been submitted or/and the negotiation has begun.

I am primarily looking for startups in which I can both add venture capital (based on a dialog about a mutually fair value assessment) and competences through participation at the board level as well as ongoing sparring with the managers.

Typical investment

Field / Industry

  • Preferably IT/Big Data, but I do not reject any specific areas of business, as I have an optimistic approach. Furthermore all of my investments is first and foremost based on the people, read: The team.


  • I prefer the “seed capital” phase, but I do also take business with a postive cash-flow into consideration, as well as business that have almost identified their saleschannels and might even be in dialog with these.

Investment amount

  • I typically invest in between 0.250 – 3.0 million kr. in each startup, but due to the nature of my network, I have been in charge of raising substantially larger amounts of capital, as syndicated investments.

My preferences

  • I work with people whom i find to be competent and whose company I enjoy, and ideas/products that I find to be interesting and also convinces me, that my contribution would increase the surplus value.
  • Strong team, I believe that the right team can execute a somewhat good idea for a business, while the “wrong” team can kill the worlds greatest idea for a business, and therefore I find the team to be essential.
  • The marketpotential has to be big, and the ambitions have to be to go global from the start.
  • The business model must be simple and very scaleable, as it is important to grow and quickly take a leading position in the market.
  • As I am constantly being presented with many interesting investment opportunities, it is of utmost importance to my possible interest, that you score high on everyone of the aspects mentioned above.

My contribution in the event of a collaboration.

  • Strategy / execution: I have personally been in charge of teams execution and developing strategies in the the last 30 years.
  • I have actively searched and selected prominent figures to create the right teams for many years, both alone and i collaboration with several headhunters.
  • Introduction to investment round number 2,3 & Exit: I personally know – and have worked with- a great deal of the most succesful Family Offices in Denmark, and I have strong relations to different individuals placed in both management teams and boards of directors in pensionfunds as well as other institutional investors, who could prove to be very relevant in the event of further investments and potential exists.

My five core values

  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Diligence / Hard work
  • Optimism

I hope that I have provided an overview of how and what I invest in, as well as what I have to offer in the event of a collaboration.